Top Tips to remember when you are vacating your home & moving to a new home!


Contact your house insurance broker to terminate/ commence insurance. (Be sure to have house insurance for you new home in place the day before you close that purchase, if possible, just to be safe).


Contact your energy provider – electricity & gas – see attached overview of requirements each provider needs prior and when moving in/out

Phones – Clubs – Bin

Contact your phone provider – see attached for what Eircom require to redirect phones.

Contact your clubs- golf, tennis, gym etc to notify them of your change of address.

Bins – Panda Greenstar, citybin etc Contact their registration section for more info


Contact your TV service provider – see attached for what SKY, UPC  etc require to transfer to your new home

Change of Address

Scan through your current account statement in case you need to notify any party for life assurance or other similar items where notification of change of address is necessary and notify them.

Whether You Are Thinking Of Buying, Selling Or Both We Are Here To Help You !

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Our Top 5 Irish Interior Design Sites

Here are our favourite top 5 Irish interior design websites to help you find all the tips, tricks and ideas for your new or existing home. If we missed any of your favourites, simply email us.
Twitter: @houseandhomemag
House and Home is a superb source of design inspiration and a wonderful range of home products.
Why we love this site: A great source of information and ideas.
Twitter: @InteriorAcademy
This blog posts articles on a wide range of ideas and interior design inspirations. Past articles such as their detailed analysis of colour schemes give great advice and delivers a rewarding understanding of interior design.
Why we love this site: Provides a detailed understanding of interior design as both a science and an art. Lots of tips and advice make this blog a valuable resource for any budding amateur or serious interior designer!
Twitter: @EmeraldInterior
Dublin-based interior designer Karen Hughes regularly updates the site with photos, related topics and personal favourites. This blog is a great source for new ideas in colour schemes, furnishings and home features, so be sure to check it out on a weekly basis!
Why we love this site: You can tell from the frequency of Karen’s updates that she is dedicated and passionate about interior design in all its forms
Twitter: @homeinteriorsIR
This features some fantastic styles and designs, from summer themed colour schemes to new and interesting ways to decorate for Christmas. Elaine manages to source the best images for each article, bringing each piece to life and giving her readers a great deal of inspiration.
Why we love this site: Elaine generously uses beautiful imagery to accompany the text in her articles, making for an informative and thoroughly enjoyable read.
This site gives a good look into each month’s issue Ireland’s Home Interiors & Living Magazine, and with that, gives visitors access to tons of high resolution images and articles which they can flick through and take inspiration from. For the full range of content available from IHI&L, visitors will have to subscribe to their monthly magazine, but that’s not to say you can’t find some great ideas within their numerous preview pages!
Why we love this site: The high resolution images can be viewed as an online PDF’s, meaning you can zoom in, directly save images and instantly print images. Plus their designs are fantastic too!
Our favourite International Interior Design Site is: